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Patches Kukishin ryu Bikenjutsu Kihon Keiko no Ho
Our Price: 5,000.00
Our Price: 4,000.00
These uniform patches consists of two leaves and a water&cloud jinenkan logo marks. This DVD covers the meaning of seven kamae and how to train them. The seven kamae are Seigan no Kamae, Ichi no Kamae, Chudan no Kamae, Gedan no Kamae, Tenchi no Kamae, Kasumi no Kamae,and Daijodan no Kamae.
Running time:30 minutes
Kukishin ryu Sanjaku Bojutsu Book ( Reflections of Manaka Unsui)
Our Price: 6,000.00
Our Price: 3,900.00
This DVD covers three kamae, five Kihon Happo techniques, the nine Shoden, three Chuden and three Okuden kata.
Running time: 43 minutes
In this remarkable monologue, Manaka Unsui presents a definitive personal account of his life-long experience as a martial artist, military man and world-renowned teacher of the classical martial arts of Japan. Unsui's words are straight to the point and cut through the smoke and mirrors so often found in today's martial arts, while his compassion as a father and leader fill the pages of this soldier's monologue. Reflections of Unsui is a must read for the student of Kobudo.
Kukishin ryu Sojutsu Kihon Keiko no Ho Kukishin ryu Naginata Jutsu Kihon Keiko no Ho
Our Price: 4,000.00
Our Price: 4,000.00
This DVD covers six kihon techniques and the meaning of five kamae and how to train them.
The six kihon techniques are Tsuki, Nuki, Harai, Shibaku( or Tataku) and Makiage.
The five kamae are Seigan no Kamae, Jizuri Seigan no Kamae, Chudan no Kamae, Jodan no Kamae and Gedan no Kamae.
Running time: 27 minutes
This DVD covers six kihon techniques. These are Men Uchi, Dou Uchi, Sayu Kesa Giri, Gyaku Kesa Giri, Tsuki and Makiage.
Running time: 47 minutes

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Jinen ryu Kusari Fundo Jutsu

Our Price: 6,000.00
This DVD covers the Jinen Ryu syllabus for Kusari Fundo Jutsu- the short weighted chain. Included are the Saho (Etiquette), five Kamae and all techniques of Kusari Fundo Jutsu.

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